Workforce Investment Act
Youth Program
Please answer the questions below as accurately as possible.  Complete all sections of this form.  The information provided will be used to determine your eligibility for services under this program.

Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Last 4 Digits of SS# Date of Birth Age
Street Address
CityState Zip Code
County Phone Mobile Email
Marital Status:
Number of dependents Age(s) of Children
Check any of the following that apply to you:
     School Dropout Parent or Pregnant Disabled Offender
     Foster Child Homeless or Runaway 


Please specify the # of family members living in your household AND check your approximate annual gross family income:
$1 - $10,830
$10,831 - $14,570
$14,571 - $18,310
$18,311 - $22,500
$22,501 - $26,556
$26,557 - $31,058
$31,059 - $35,560
$35,561 - $40,062
$40,063 +

What is your family's approximate gross monthly income?
With whom do you live? (Check all that apply)
    Alone Parents Child(ren) Spouse Other

Indicate the monthly amount your household receives from each of the following:
    FI/TANF Food Stamps ABC Child Support
    SSI Unemployment VA Benefit Other

What is your educational or career goal?
Highest education level: List vocational certificates:
Highest grade completed if you did not graduate from high school?  
Are you currently attending a GED prep course?   Where?
Have you attended or are you currently attending college/training?
    If "Yes" list name of school
    Dates of Enrollment List Program
    Current GPA
   If you did not complete it, please list reason:
Have you previously participated in a WIA program?
If yes, please list when, where and the name of your case manager/consultant:

Employment Status:
Last Employer Address
    City/State/Zip Code Phone
    Job Title
    Job duties
    Hourly Wage Hours Per Week Start Date End Date
    Reason for leaving

 Previous Employer Address
    City/State/Zip Code Phone
    Job Title
    Job duties
    Hourly Wage Hours Per Week Start Date End Date
    Reason for leaving

V. ALTERNATE CONTACT INFORMATION (Please provide information on someone not in your household)
Name Relationship
Address/City/State/Zip Code
Phone Mobile Work Work Email

Please write a brief statement indicating why you want to participant in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program. Include what you hope to gain through your participation with the program.

By pressing the "Submit" button below, you are stating that you have read and agreed to all the following statements. 

  1. I understand that the completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance into the WIA Youth Program.
  2. I certify that the information provided on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  3. I understand that ANY information provided that is falsified will disqualify me from participating in the WIA Youth Program at Midlands Technical College.
  4. I authorize the College to release my educational, academic, financial, and other pertinent information to the WIA staff.
  5. I understand that the information provided on this application will be held in strict confidence by WIA/College staff.