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Faculty/Staff Search Result:

Name Phone Ext E-mail
Bailey, Rick738-7618BAILEYR@midlandstech.edu
Department Chair, Math
Campus: BRoom: LET-421C

Baker, Laura822-3533BAKERL@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: ARoom: AC-234

Baker, Theresa738-7835BAKERT@midlandstech.edu
Enrollment Services Coord., Advisement & Orientation Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-200

Barden, Alicia738-7838BARDENA@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Student Information Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-250

Barnes, Lionell738-7635BARNESL@midlandstech.edu
Computer Operator, Tech. Support and Oper. Serv.
Campus: BRoom: RH-114

Barr, Celeasha790-7506BARRC@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room: WM-251

Basham, Joyce822-3468BASHAMJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: HS-102

Bassett, Jr., William790-7590BASSETTW@midlandstech.edu
Data Coordinator, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-218C

Bates, Starnell822-3235BATESS@midlandstech.edu
Vice President, Advancement
Campus: ARoom: MH-104

Bauer, Kim822-3358BAUERK@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom:

Beard, Holly738-7631BEARDH@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, SBS-Psychology
Campus: BRoom: WM-412

Beaty, Karin822-3445BEATYK@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Math
Campus: ARoom: RO-211

Belcher, Bobby738-7828BELCHERB@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Bellamy-Coletrain, Renee'738-7788COLETRAINR@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: BRoom: LB-110

Bellows, Susan822-3616BELLOWSS@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: ARoom: AC-125

Beltline Campus, Cynthia Jones738-7649JONESC@midlandstech.edu
Head Cashier, Finance and Accounting
Campus: BRoom: WM-217

Beltline Campus, Front Desk790-7561@midlandstech.edu
Financial Services, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: BCS 130

Beltline Campus, Main Desk738-7871@midlandstech.edu
Lab Monitor, Academic Success Center
Campus: BRoom: WM-110

Beltline Library, Main Desk738-7629@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: BRoom: LB-205

Belton, Otis738-7654BELTONO@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Records
Campus: BRoom: WM-107

Benjamin, Jerutha822-3742BENJAMINJ@midlandstech.edu
Fiscal Technician, Finance & Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-114

Bergerson, Vicki822-3060BERGERSONV@midlandstech.edu
Technology Support Assistant, Media Services
Campus: ARoom: MH-119

Berry, Jennifer822-3500BERRYJ@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Management
Campus: ARoom: RE-134

Betty, Johnson822-3659JACKSONB@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: ARoom: ASC-262

Bise, Debbie691-3912BISED@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Computer Training Center
Campus: NERoom: CT-321

Bishop, Gene822-3366BISHOPG@midlandstech.edu
Faculty/Program Coordinator, HVAC
Campus: ARoom: GR-113

Black, Donna738-7752BLACKD@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-321

Blackberg, Mark738-7668BLACKBERGM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Machine Tool
Campus: BRoom: PM-108

Blackmon, Ginger790-7839BLACKMON@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Admissions
Campus: BRoom: WM-251

Blumke, Amy822-3713BLUMKEA@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Boan, Rick822-3280BOANR@midlandstech.edu
AHS Program Coordinator, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-208

Boatwright, Kim822-3215BOATWRIGHTK@midlandstech.edu
Special Events Coordinator, Auxiliary Services
Campus: ARoom: AC-137

Bolton, Stanley822-3523BOLTONS@midlandstech.edu
Auxialiary Services Director, Auxiliary Services
Campus: ARoom: AC-136

Bonaparte, Chaunty822-3350BONAPARTEC@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator, Upward Bound
Campus: ARoom: LX-175

Booth, Jessica822-3325BOOTHJ@midlandstech.edu
Grants Accountant, Finance & Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

Borg, Karen822-3551BORGK@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Science
Campus: ARoom: RO-109

Bothur, Eric790-7513BOTHURE@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: LB-121

Boucher-Romano, Monica822-3357BOUCHERROMANOM@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, English/Math/Humanities
Campus: ARoom: RO-105

Boufawaz, Dianne822-3463BOUFAWAZD@midlandstech.edu
Faculty/Admission Recruit. Coord., Nursing
Campus: ARoom: HS-124

Bouldrick, Dorothy822-3398BOULDRICKD@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Medical Assisting, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: LX-196A

Bowles, Floyd738-7797BOWLESF@midlandstech.edu
Engineering Technology Transfer & Accreditation Coordinator, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-321G

Boyd, Donna790-7522BOYDD@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: BRoom: WM-249

Bradwell, Terry822-3367BRADWELLT@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, HVAC
Campus: ARoom: GR-133

Brandt, Ginger732-5202BRANDTG@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Operations/Testing Center
Campus: HRoom: HH-208

Brasington, Caroll R822-3309BRASINGTONC@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Breazeale, Edwin822-3636BREAZEALEE@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: SA-144

Brebner, Karen732-5362BrebnerK@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Communications
Campus: HRoom: HH-113

Breci, Mary822-3557BRECIM@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Medical Laboratory Tech., Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-214

Brooker, Virginia738-7626BROOKERV@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: BRoom: LB-210

Broom, Janice822-3646BROOMJ@midlandstech.edu
Development Coordinator, Development
Campus: ARoom: RE-130

Brown, Adrian691-3923BROWNAR@midlandstech.edu
Computer Technician/Campus Coord., Micro System Services
Campus: NERoom: CETT-123

Brown, Arthur738-7627BROWNA@midlandstech.edu
Computer Technician/Campus Coord., Micro System Services
Campus: BRoom: MU-2

Brown, Johnny790-7565BROWNJ@midlandstech.edu
Assistant Manager, Bookstore
Campus: BRoom: BSC-114

Brown, Kathy790-7586BROWNKATHY@midlandstech.edu
VISTA Professional, Business & Public Service
Campus: BRoom: LB-121

Brown, Sabrina822-3615BROWNS@midlandstech.edu
Internal Auditor, Support Services
Campus: ARoom: SA 168

Brown, Vanessa738-7651BROWNV@midlandstech.edu
Director, Student Life
Campus: BRoom: BSC-101

Brumbaugh, Joe822-3222BRUMBAUGHJ@midlandstech.edu
MIL Manager, Materials/Inventory/Logistics
Campus: ARoom: MS-103

Bryant, Betty822-3276BRYANTB@midlandstech.edu
Payroll Manager, Payroll
Campus: ARoom: RE-134

Buchanan, Christina738-7641BUCHANANC@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator Architectural Engineering Technology, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-221G

Buckley, Thom738-7773BUCKLEYT@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: RH-139B

Bunch, Gwendolyne738-7781BUNCHL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty/Director, Academic Success Center
Campus: BRoom: WM-318A

Burchell, Renay790-7596BURCHELLR@midlandstech.edu
Pell Grant Coordinator, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-219D

Burns, Barry732-5345BURNSB@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Burns, Emily738-7791BURNSE@midlandstech.edu
Asst. Director, Counseling Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-233

Burroughs, Daisy738-7187BURROUGHSD@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Burwick, Wanda738-7761BURWICKW@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: WM 212

Bush, Mike822-3673BUSHM@midlandstech.edu
Supt. of Custodial Services, Operations
Campus: ARoom: SA-136

Butler, Ryan738-7184BUTLERR@midlandstech.edu
Media Services Technician, Media Services
Campus: BRoom: LB-120

Butts, David738-7833BUTTSD@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Tech, Engineering
Campus: BRoom: LET-321H

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