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Name Phone Ext E-mail
Daniels, Rochelle822-3208DANIELSR@midlandstech.edu
Procurement Manager, Procurement
Campus: ARoom: RE-110

Davis, Alice738-7851DAVISA@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, English
Campus: BRoom: WM-304B

Davis, Connie738-7613DAVISC@midlandstech.edu
Office Manager, Information Resource Management
Campus: BRoom: RH-115

Davis, Deborah822-3633DAVISDH@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Counseling Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-238

Davis, Marion732-5218DAVISM@midlandstech.edu
Program Manager, Massage Therapy
Campus: HRoom: IH-506

Davis, Michelle822-3067DAVISM@midlandstech.edu
Campus: ARoom: SA-147

Davis, Tom822-3239DAVIST@midlandstech.edu
Department Chair/Instructor, DVS
Campus: ARoom: ASC-210

Dawkins, Linda822-3022DAWKINSL@midlandstech.edu
Data Coordinator II, Finance and Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

Deas, Antoine822-3510DEASAT@midlandstech.edu
Retention Advocate/Counselor, Counseling & Career Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-243

Dease, Kataya738-7810DEASEK@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Advisement and Orientation Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-239

Deaver, Carolyn822-3320DEAVERC@midlandstech.edu
Departmental Assistant, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: SA-134

Derrick, Curtis738-7803DERRICKC@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, English
Campus: BRoom: WM-411

Dill, Rose790-7557DILLR@midlandstech.edu
Receptionist, AVPSDS
Campus: BRoom: BSC-100

DiMaggio, Stephanie732-5243DIMAGGIOS@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Computer Training Center
Campus: HRoom: HH-216

Dinkins, Kathy822-3248DINKINSK@midlandstech.edu
Library Specialist, Library
Campus: ARoom: AC-237

Dodd, Colin822-3410DODDC@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Art
Campus: ARoom: RO-121

Dooley, Kirsten738-7804DOOLEYK@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Math
Campus: BRoom: LET-421A

Dornik, David822-3657DORNIKD@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Records
Campus: ARoom: ASC-223

Doyle, Candace822-7034DOYLEC@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Allied Pre-Health, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: LX-117

Drayton, Ron738-7606DRAYTONR@midlandstech.edu
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Campus: BRoom: LET-118

Drescher, Rina738-7685DRESCHERR@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Bookstore
Campus: BRoom: BSC-116

Drew, Mark822-3622DREWM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Center for Leadership & Employee Dev.
Campus: ARoom: AT-107

Duncan, Rhonda822-3544DUNCANR@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS
Campus: ARoom: AC-202

Durst, Sharon822-3659DURSTS@midlandstech.edu
Assessment Specialist Assessment, Student Assessment
Campus: ARoom: ASC-262

Duus, Lori738-7672DUUSL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: BRoom: LB-112

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