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Faculty/Staff Search Result:

Name Phone Ext E-mail
LaBorde, Lisa738-7748LABORDEL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty/Transfer Coordinator, Math
Campus: BRoom: WM-403C

Lafaye, Cary738-7762LAFAYEC@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: BRoom: LB-208

Lambdin, Robert822-3542LAMBDINR@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS-Reading
Campus: ARoom: AC-204

Lampe, Mary Beth822-3251LAMPEMB@midlandstech.edu
HR Director,
Campus: ARoom: RE-138

Langley, Jennifer822-3589LANGLEYJ@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, PHM/HIM/PTA/MLT, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-203A

LaPoint, Tina732-5235LAPOINTL@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Operations & Registration
Campus: HRoom: H-101

Lari, Mohsen738-7657LARIM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Electronics Engineering Tech, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-321D

Laury, Pamela738-7676LAURYP@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Industrial Technologies
Campus: BRoom: PM-123

Lawhorn, Pat815-2933LAWHORNP@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Student Information Services
Campus: FRoom:

Lawrence, Donna732-5228LAWRENCED@midlandstech.edu
Training & Development Director, Center for Leadership & Employee Dev.
Campus: HRoom: HH-612

Lawrence, Donna732-5228LAWRENCED@midlandstech.edu
Training and Development Director, Employee Dev., Customer Service & Workkeys
Campus: HRoom: AD-612

Leadbitter, Jay738-7837LEADBITTERJ@midlandstech.edu
Computer Programmer, Information System Services
Campus: BRoom: RH109A

Lebeau, Jonathan822-3518LEBEAUJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: ARoom: SA-130

Ledbetter, Tom691-3885LEDBETTERT@midlandstech.edu
Director of Corporate Services, President's Office
Campus: NERoom: CETT-108

Lee, Annie790-7522LEEA@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: BRoom: WM-249

Lee, Dwayne822-4996LEED@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: LX-120

Lee, Greg822-3629LEEGC@midlandstech.edu
Department Chair, Industrial Technologies
Campus: ARoom: SA-149

Lee, Susan738-7786LEES@midlandstech.edu
Software Technician, Micro System Services
Campus: BRoom: RH-117B

Lee, Suzanne604-1601LEESW@midlandstech.edu
Student Services Program Coordinator, Student Information Services
Campus: BLRoom: BL-101

Leighty, John691-3911LEIGHTYJ@midlandstech.edu
Training & Development Director, Quality & Manufacturing
Campus: NERoom: CT-323

Lema, Michael822-3546LEMAM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty/Science Coordinator, Science
Campus: ARoom: AC-374

Lewis, Lisa738-7772LEWISL@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Admissions
Campus: BRoom: WM-251

Lewis, Morris822-3488LEWISM@midlandstech.edu
Media Services Manager, Copy Center
Campus: ARoom: MH-122

Linda, Hall790-7522HALLL@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: BRoom: WM-249

Lindale, Christine738-7176LINDALEC@midlandstech.edu
Application Analyst, Information System Services
Campus: BRoom: RH109

Lindner, Janet822-3595LINDNERJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: ARoom: SA-132

Lindsey, Cheryl822-3214LINDSEYC@midlandstech.edu
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-257

Lisa, Lewis738-7772LEWISL@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Admissions
Campus: BRoom: WM-2251

Littlejohn, Sylvia738-7764LITTLEJOHNS@midlandstech.edu
Director of Enrollment Services, Enrollment Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-105

Livingston, Danny S738-7746LIV@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room: LET207A

Livingston, Janis822-3556LIVINGSTONJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Medical Laboratory Tech., Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-219

Livingston, Paul738-7655LIVINGSTONP@midlandstech.edu
Director of Community Development, Student Development Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-103

Long, Jared822-3598LONGJS@midlandstech.edu
Print Operator I, Copy Center
Campus: ARoom: MH-101

Long, John738-7677LONGJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Math
Campus: BRoom: LET-421H

Lopez de Victoria, Geralyne822-3788LOPEZG@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Science
Campus: ARoom: RO-107

Lourenco, Josi790-7507LOURENCOJ@midlandstech.edu
Information Resource Coordinator, Student Development Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-228

Luck, Kevin790-7548LUCKK@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator, Electronics Engineering Tech, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET321-E

Lugmayer, Clive822-3580LUGMAYERC@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Welding Technology
Campus: ARoom: GR-102

Luongo, Permelia738-7743LUONGOP@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Student Information Center
Campus: BRoom: WM-217

MTC provides directory information of college employees to students and members of the community who need to contact an employee regarding college business. Any other use of this information, including solicitation, is prohibited.