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Midlands Technical College

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Faculty/Staff Search Result:

Name Phone Ext E-mail
O'Brian, Eva738-7790OBRIANE@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS-Reading
Campus: BRoom: WM-432

O'Connor, Kay738-7607OCONNORK@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Campus: BRoom: LET-118

Oliver, Jan822-3548OLIVERJ@midlandstech.edu
Departmental Assistant, Science
Campus: ARoom: RO-106

Oliver, Sandi738-7699OLIVERS@midlandstech.edu
Vice President, Student Development Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-207

O'Neal, Jacqueline738-7775ONEALJ@midlandstech.edu
Document Imaging Coordinator, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-215

Ormond, Gina822-3452ORMONDG@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Allied Dental Education Prog., Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: AC-341

Ortiz-Hernandez, Ivy790-7534ORTIZHERNANDEZI@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Program Coordinator, Chemical Technology Program, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-321J

Oswald, Stanley822-3645OSWALDS@midlandstech.edu
Maintenance, Operations
Campus: ARoom: MA-111

MTC provides directory information of college employees to students and members of the community who need to contact an employee regarding college business. Any other use of this information, including solicitation, is prohibited.