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Name Phone Ext E-mail
Padgett, Naomi822-3267PADGETTN@midlandstech.edu
Cont. Education Billing, Accounts Receivable
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

Painter, Becky691-3944PAINTERR@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Human Services/Real Estate Certification
Campus: NERoom: CETT-304

Parker, Charles822-3283PARKERC@midlandstech.edu
Director, Academic Planning & Reporting
Campus: ARoom: SA-108

Parker, Richard691-3872PARKERR@midlandstech.edu
Training and Development Director, Construction and Industrial Trades
Campus: NERoom: CETT-324

Patnaude, Kathy822-3438PATNAUDEK@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Surgical Technology, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-213

Paulk, Betsy790-7587PAULKB@midlandstech.edu
Information Services Specialist, Student Information Services
Campus: ARoom: AC-110

Payne, Susan822-3419PAYNES@midlandstech.edu
Director, Library
Campus: ARoom: AC-125

Pearson, Henry822-3394PEARSONH@midlandstech.edu
Production, Distance Learning
Campus: ARoom: MH-121

Pearson, Peggy822-3327PEARSONP@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: HS-136

Peasant, Emma822-3661PEASANTE@midlandstech.edu
Test Coordinator, Student Assessment
Campus: ARoom: ASC-266

Pedersen, Nancy738-7601PEDERSENN@midlandstech.edu
Executive Assistant, President's Office
Campus: BRoom: BSC-301

Perez, Francisco738-7816PEREZF@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Foreign Language
Campus: BRoom: WM-301

Perez, James738-7739PEREZJ@midlandstech.edu
Systems Support Technician, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-309B

Perry, Andrea M.822-3569PERRYA@midlandstech.edu
Enrollment Services Coordinator, Advisement and Orientation Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-220

Peterson, Jack738-7834PETERSONJ@midlandstech.edu
Systems Programmer, Information System Services
Campus: BRoom: RH-109

Pickett, Deborah738-7700PICKETTD@midlandstech.edu
Library Specialist, Library
Campus: BRoom: LB

Pierce, Kenetta790-7558PIERCEK@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator, Student Employment Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-229

Pilkington, Lloyd822-3409PILKINGTONL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Campus: ARoom: RO-202

Pitts, Cathy691-3879PITTSC@midlandstech.edu
Training & Development Director, Computer Training Center
Campus: NERoom: CT-327

Plumb, Kari822-3308PLUMBK@midlandstech.edu
, Finance - Accounts Payable
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

Poe, Susan822-3338POES@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: HS-121

Porter, Allyson738-7782PORTERA@midlandstech.edu
Communications Coordinator, Admissions
Campus: BRoom: BSC-238

Porter, Linda822-3549PORTERL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Science
Campus: ARoom: LX-119

Porterfield, Annie738-7867PORTERFIELDA@midlandstech.edu
Advisor, Advisement and Orientation Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-238

Poston, Ben790-7520POSTON@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: RH 137

Potts, Gwen822-3293POTTSG@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Transfer Program
Campus: ARoom: RO-103

Poulos, Ann822-3566POULOSA@midlandstech.edu
Senior Designer, Public Affairs
Campus: ARoom: MH-109

Power, Carol738-7826POWERC@midlandstech.edu
Advisor, Advisement and Orientation Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-237

Price, Eileen822-3058PRICEE@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Campus: ARoom: RO-218

Price, Margaret3663HUNTMH@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS-Reading
Campus: ARoom: RO-208

Price, Melissa822-7080PRICEM@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator Outreach and Retention Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
Campus: ARoom: SA-150

Pringle, Derrick822-3205PRINGLED@midlandstech.edu
Employment Specialist, Human Resource Management
Campus: ARoom: RE-134

Pritchard, Alfred822-3071PRITCHARDA@midlandstech.edu
Budget and Personnel Coordinator, Academic Success Center
Campus: ARoom: AC-131

Pritchard, Dave822-3355PRITCHARDD@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS-Math
Campus: ARoom: RO-212

Pritchard, Jean822-3291PRITCHARDJ@midlandstech.edu
Data Coordinator II, Academic Affairs
Campus: ARoom: SA-146

Pritchard, Leigh790-7591PRITCHARDL@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Office of the Registrar
Campus: BRoom: WM-102

Proctor, Mike822-3217PROCTORM@midlandstech.edu
Assoc. Dir. of Oper., Const. & Planning, Operations
Campus: ARoom: OP-103

Prunty, Bruce822-3541PRUNTYB@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, DVS-Math
Campus: ARoom: AC-203

Puett, Jr., Joe738-7778PUETTJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: BRoom: RH-118

Putnam, Debbie732-5209PUTNAMD@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Employee Dev., Customer Service & Workkeys
Campus: HRoom: AD-608

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